Apple Hill Lavender

Our Apple Varieties

Silken: An experimental variety, small but deliciously sweet. A favourite of our customers and our grandchildren. Silken has a transparent yellow skin and the flesh is juicy and sweet. They tend to be one of our smaller varieties of apple, perfect for lunch boxes!

Honeycrisp: Excellent eating – sweet, crisp, and very juicy. Honeycrisp lives up to its name with lots of flavour in every bite.

McIntosh: The old stand-by! Macs make great eating and cooking apples. McIntosh makes for 'soft' and mellow sauces and nice, juicy pies.

Empire: The full-bodied flavour that won us 1st prize at the Norfolk County Fair. A bit firmer than Macs, excellent eating and cooking.

Crispin: Mellow, low-acid apples that come into season just after Thanksgiving. Crispin are excellent for both eating, sauces, and for pies and baked apples. They store well, and can become pretty large—our Crispins have won the Norfolk County Fair prize for the largest green apple 3 times!

Gala: Excellent eating apple, sweet and firm

Ambrosia: A new variety that tastes sweet and mellow, yet full bodied. A great eating apple. It has a yellow background with a red blush.

These apples and others will be available at our store in season.